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Hi, I hope you enjoy my business blog. I want to share the knowledge I have learnt over the years from running my own business. It can be really tough and there have been times where I felt like I did not want to go on but once I got past that, it has been one heck of a ride and I am still enjoying every minute. Sharing knowledge is one of the greatest gifts that can be bestowed and that’s what I want to do here. Enjoy your visit.

How To Avoid Office Printing Problems

24.2.2015 | 11:23

Low printing speeds

Printing speed is one of the factors that affects you in the office. Slow printers are boring and waste a lot of time especially when you a printing a very long document. If your printer has a very small RAM, adding memory will really help increase your speeds. Printing quality can also be a factor to

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slow printing speeds. When printing, selecting standard or draft resolution will boost your printing capability. Avoid using base printer models to print very large files and complex images. Sometimes when the printer goes to power saving mode it takes time to wake up again and be fully operational.

Paper jams

Paper getting stuck in your printer is something that happens quite a lot. This may be caused by poor paper orientation or faulty roller. This can be avoided by removing any foreign obstacles in the paper path. Ensure that when cleaning the printer it is important to replace the paper should be in a straight manner. Moist paper should be avoided and always use the best paper quality supported by your printer.

Poor image printout

In the office, there are a lot of challenges based on the quality of the printout achieved by your printer. Poor quality is not good for office work, it may lead to contradiction. Ensuring that you are using the correct print driver and good quality of paper is important.  Make sure that the temperature is kept at its optimum range to achieve good quality prints. Replacing damaged cartridges will also contribute to good printing quality and reduce the incidence of blotchy or stained work.

Problems with selecting the right printer

Sometimes you send a printing job to the printer and nothing happens. This is due to wrong printer selection. After installing your printer drivers into your computer, then you should be able to choose which printer you want to use. If you are connected to a network, setting a default printer is very important. To avoid such complications you must check whether your printer is online and it has the required paper quality.


Ghosting is a major common problem you may encounter in the office. This problem could be caused by exhaustion the cartridge, ink reservoir. Sometimes power plays a very major role. The layering of images and words on a printed paper is something you might not want to have each time you print something. Make sure that the cartridge is replaced and the printer has a reliable power supply.

Ink Smears

Faulty drum, cartridge or fuser is the cause of this problem. Just like the outcome of ghosting, ink smears are very discouraging and lead to poor quality printouts. This problem can also be due to ink spills. Ink spills can be eliminated by continuously printing pages to clear the spill.

Missing printer drivers

Many operating systems require a printer driver in order to be able to access the benefits of the printer. Sometimes printing is not possible at the office due to a missing driver. The driver may have been corrupted or outdated. Some have a complication in operating under different platforms when it comes to the operating systems.

Cartridges running out too fast

Some ink brands are always packaging small amounts of ink into the cartridges. Unfortunately the printer decides when the cartridge is exhausted. There are ways to refill your cartridges but you must be very careful to avoid damaging your printer.

Multiple paper feeds

This problem involves feeding of many trays of paper to the printer simultaneously. The major cause of this problem is due to poor paper quality or poor alignment of paper in the tray. Ensure that you replace your paper with a new ream when they are exhausted.

Printer failure

This is a common problem faced in many offices. Old printers occasionally may develop a mechanical failure and this will stop printing services in an office. It is a good idea to consider replacing old printer to avoid such situations from occurring in the future. Servicing your printer can also help boost its life of operation and avoid inconveniences.

Poor formats on your printout

This means that you did not properly select the required printing format. This problem can be avoided, you should ensure the correct page settings including: page margins, fonts and printing colour.

The Benefits Of Prince2 Training Courses – Your Ultimate Guide

7.1.2015 | 12:10

If you’d like to improve your project management skills, then taking the Prince2 course is one of the best things you could ever do for your career. In Business trainingthis guide, we’re going to examine the course in closer detail. First, we’ll cover what the course really is, then we’ll discuss the benefits it offers, and finally, what your next step should be. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll understand why the course has so much to offer, and why it’s such a good move for your career.


What Is The Prince2 Course?


The first thing to understand is that Prince2 is actually an acronym. It stands for Projects In Controlled Environments, which should give you some clue as to what the course itself covers. It’s primary focus is to give you a firm foundational education in project management techniques, and it can quickly give you the career boost you’re looking for.


Far from being the usual dry, stilted course that’s best left in the past – the Prince2 method is both flexible and adaptable, which means you can apply the course materials to a variety of different organisations. What’s more, the skills you master are very transferable, so it’s useful to learn even if project management isn’t your main field.


Once you’ve mastered the materials, it really isn’t a big leap at all to see how the skills can apply to a wide variety of different projects, regardless of how big or small they might be. It can be used to manage large scale, ongoing projects – all the way down to smaller projects that only need a few days of project management planning.


Finally, it has many similarities to other project management techniques that you may already be familiar with. While the original system was developed back in 1989 (and based on even earlier work from 1979) it’s easy to see the influence it’s had on the entire industry. In fact, many of the key principles and guidelines have already filtered into other lines of management work. Altogether, this means your new skills will be very valuable to both you, and any company you may work for in the future.


What Are The Benefits Of Certification?


The most obvious benefit this course provides is the certification you need to be taken seriously within a project management career. It will give you the systems, procedures, and essential language you’ll need to move within this world.


It will teach you how to manage risk, and how to run a business effectively. Simply put, you will become an asset for any company you work for in the future, because you’ll have a strong understanding of how to make an organisation run smoothly and effectively.


What Are The Benefits Of The Methodology?


In addition to how valuable it can be to your career, it’s worth taking a closer look at the benefits provided by the method itself.

First, Prince2 offers project managers a way to ‘standardize’ their approach to their work. This means you will all follow the same methods and procedures – and there’s no denying the obvious benefits it gives you when everyone is working from the same page. It doesn’t hurt that the method has been proven and refined over several decades now, meaning that whatever problem comes up, it’s already been covered in the Prince2 course. This will give you the confidence you need to push through any problem you may face, and it will make you an excellent leader within your organisation.


What’s more, it gives you a process-oriented, step-by-step method for running a project, starting at the beginning and ending with the close. This means you’ll never feel lost or out-of-your-depth when you’re managing a project, which is something that can happen to anyone, but is especially intimidating to people who are new to the field.


What’s The Next Step?


You can learn the Prince2 material in a variety of ways, just as long as the course provider is accredited. This means the Prince2 training course is a popular online course, with many people choosing to learn the material via home study. Distance learning is a fantastic way to develop any new skill, and it’s quite suited to this project management course, as much of the work will involve using a computer.


It can be equally beneficial to study the course in a classroom setting over a weekend, which gives you the opportunity to interact with your peers and discuss the material. This is also an excellent way to learn Prince2, and it’ll get you off to a great start in your career of project management.


In conclusion, the Prince2 course is one of the best project management systems around, and it’s easy to see why it’s considered the standard text for thousands of skilled project managers across the globe. If you’re looking for a method of project management that will never let you down, then studying the Prince2 is the best thing you could possibly do.

Think Like An Entrepreneur And Succeed In Business

2.12.2014 | 15:51

One thing that often trips small business owners up is the fact that they have to do virtually everything themselves and what happens is that they are spread too thinly to make any headway. This can be one of the reasons why their businesses fail to grow or even thrive. It is so important to be very disciplined about scheduling your days so that you do make the most of the time available to you. It is tough being a small business owner particularly if you are on your own or have minimal staff to help you and it can be very hard to prioritize and delegate tasks so that the most productivity can be gained each and every working day. Time management is very important so keeping to a strict schedule is definitely the way to go. Be sensible with the amount of time that you allocate for each task or appointment so that you do not overrun every time. Try not to be so generous that time is wasted but estimate the amount of time that it is likely to take based on previous experience. If you don’t have any experience to draw upon, look at the task and break it down into sections then estimate roughly how much time each section is likely to take. doing this can make you far more productive and will create more opportunities so that you can either hire more staff or outsource certain tasks so that you don’t have to do them.

If you have ever wondered how entrepreneurs ever manage to create business after business and keep all the plates spinning, they do not spend their time doing things that they can delelgate or outsource to somewhere else. They look at the bigger picture and do not get bogged down with the humdrum tasks.


As exciting as the entrepreneur’s life is, you have to deal with mundane tasks. Mundane tasks are repetitive, boring, unproductive and yet necessary.

What do busy entrepreneurs do about these mundane tasks? Is there a way to conquer the mountain of minutiae, while still saving your best time for the really important stuff? Here are the entrepreneur’s secrets to dealing with mundane tasks:

They avoid them.

Avoidance? Is this appropriate? In some cases, yes. Let’s consider Mundane Public Enemy Number One: The daily commute.

Question: Why do so many busy people have sleeping bags in their office?

Answer: So they can work as late as they want and avoid that time-draining hassle of getting in the car and going somewhere.

Why should you have to bother with such a hassle? Instead of settling for a daily commute, go for a twice-weekly commute. Stack all your meetings on one or two days, and work remote the rest of the time.

Let’s consider another mundane task, such as selecting your wardrobe for the day. Take a page from the president’s playbook. He eliminates the time-wasting decision of what to wear by buying a few sets of clothes that he can easily pull off the rack and put on.

If you can avoid a mundane task, do it. Entrepreneurs streamline their lives so they can focus on one thing only.

They don’t say yes to anything they cannot or should not do.

An entrepreneur knows what’s important and what’s not. That’s why he or she can say yes to all the right things.

The more things you say “yes” to, the more you’ll clutter your calendar with the detritus of a wasted day.

They do the right stuff at the right time.

Being productive is more about energy management than it is about time management.

When your creative energy is at its peak, it might take you 40 minutes to write an article, whereas when your energy is low, the same task might take two hours. Do your most productive work when you have the greatest amount of energy. Then use your low-energy slump to plow through the mundane stuff. This approach is called chunking. If you consign the mundane tasks to a few hours, say on a weekend morning, then you’ll be able to fly through them.

They schedule like a control freak.

The worst kind of mundane task is the interruption. When some gadfly comes knocking around your office and “just wants to chat” you’re doomed.

The best approach is to keep your calendar locked up with blocks of time where you get stuff done. These “blocks of time” aren’t useless meetings, but rather are portions of your day when you can accomplish significant work.

Just as you schedule your most important work, you should also schedule time to accomplish your mundane tasks. Read more http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240186

More information

Have you got enough grit to make it as an entrepreneur?

Corporate Team Building Venue Ideas To Consider

10.11.2014 | 16:35

If you are in charge of a particular team at your corporation, and you would like to get everyone up to speed on new projects that are coming up, or perhaps introduce new forms of training that can help improve your company, you might want to consider meeting with these individuals on a regular basis in order to teach them the new strategies that you would likehedsor house to impart. This is called teambuilding, and when done at the corporate level, it can be beneficial not only for you, but the company itself. Each part of a company makes up the whole, and by doing your part to educate all of the people in your team, you will be able to help your company make more money which indirectly makes you more money and ensures that you will have a stable form of employment. Here are some corporate team building venue ideas that you should consider when you are starting to build and improve upon your team at work.


What Exactly Is Corporate Teambuilding Training


Many people get confused when they hear the term teambuilding. The reason that they are unsure of what this means is because it has a lot of different definitions. When you think of teambuilding for a sports team, you are actually bringing the players together. If you are working in a school, and you are in charge of grouping students together in order to have a debate, you are not actually educating them, but simply forming different teams of people that will participate in the debate. At the corporate level, teambuilding refers to not only bringing people together, but advancing each individual in areas where they are responsible for certain things at their job. By educating each individual member, you are effectively doing teambuilding because everything that people do in your team is going to have an end result that will benefit the company.


Different Types Of Team Building Options


When you are considering what needs to be done in order to do proper teambuilding, it really depends on what direction you need to go in. For instance, if this is a brand-new team that you are setting up on your own, educating them about what needs to be done, and the responsibilities that they will have, should be done as soon as possible. If you have a successful team, and there are new facets to what your team members are responsible for, then you will have to talk to them about changes that they may have to make in the way that they are conducting themselves, and working together, helping to achieve corporate goals.


How This Benefits Team Members


One final thing to consider before the king at the best teambuilding venues is to understand why this is beneficial. Meeting together regularly, conveying information that will help improve the way that the team functions, is very important for them and their job, as well as their efforts as working as team members. The more information that they have, the more up-to-date they actually are, it’s going to benefit everyone individually and on as a whole. Now that you know why this is beneficial, let’s look at the best teambuilding venues where you can convey all of this information regardless of the size of your team.


Best Corporate Teambuilding Venues

The next thing to consider is where you are going to do the training. A venue is simply a room, a meeting hall, or it could be at a restaurant where everyone can get together in order to talk about business over food. The type of place that you choose depends upon the training that is necessary. For instance, if you are updating everyone on new things that the company is doing, you could probably meet in your office. The size of your team also has a lot to do with where the meetings will be. If you have just a couple people in your team, you could meet at a restaurant, or one of the empty corporate offices that you can use for these purposes. Larger groups, 20 or more people, should meet at a larger facility where everyone can gather together in order to learn about changes and improvements that need to be done. Essentially, you’re going to pick a location that can accommodate all of the people in your team, and provide you with the best possible way to educate these individuals using a Smart Board, Elmo projector, or even a whiteboard to explain everything visually.


Now that you have a better idea of what venue will be proper for the type of training that you would like to provide for your corporate team, you can start to plan these meetings in advance, making sure that you have everything in order that you want to discuss, and accommodations so that everyone will have a place to sit and learn what needs to be done next.

Business Bookkeeping, What You Need To Know

4.11.2014 | 16:22

When it concerns bookkeeping, there are just 2 ways to do it – either you do it yourself, that is, hire a full-time staff member to keep the books for you, or you outsource the work to a specialist firm. But if you ask us, we believe that you must contract out the work, for a number of factors as you shall see below.


One of the major advantages of contracting out accounting and other accounting work is the lower expense. Exactly due to the fact that you are not paying for another member of staff with salary, taxes, holiday & sick pay, you are only paying for works being done and this will save your business a lot of money over the course of a year.


While many people associate outsourcing with cheap labour from emerging countries such as India, the fact of the matter is that accounting companies will use their own staff or outsource to British citizens so they will be fully familiar with UK bookkeeping and accounting requirements.

It’s up for you to find these companies online, nevertheless, a good way to find them is to merely type in “business bookkeeping services United Kingdom” on Google or any other search engine.


Since you’re not managing another staff member, you’re entrusted space in regards to finances. That additional money is something that can contribute to the bottom line earnings of a business.


There are numerous business book keeping services out there that you can employ to do abundant but repeated and mundane work for you. However, it is very important to bear in mind that not all of them are developed alike and there are business that are much better than others.


Thus, whatever you do, do NOT work with the first accounting or specialized book keeping company that you satisfy since it’s a foolproof way to work with a truly bad one. Rather, research on a minimum of three companies and research and compare.


If you do a little digging on Google, it is completely possible to find testimonials by previous and current customers of each of the business you encounter, however if you desire something strong, you should go to the Financial Ombudsman and aim to see if there have been any grievances. Having no grievances is a great sign, nevertheless, you ought to dig deeper by asking each a business about its hiring process, that is, how it hires its accounting professionals.


There are some business that tell you right off the bat on their website how they hire accounting professionals. One business said it only employs 3 % of its applicants.


There are companies offer complimentary 30-minute appointments to novice customers. You can and should benefit from any totally free examination that an outsource accounting company provides.


Bookkeeping is actually just one of aspect of accounting and it’s most likely the most standard. Should you hire an outsource accounting company to do your books? Well, that really relies on your requirements.


Business financeIf you have a little to medium-sized company and are having accounting troubles but can not pay for to employ a full-time accountant, you must outsource in order to navigate your business with authority. The average yearly salary of accountants in the United Kingdom is around ₤ 40,000. When you contract out, it is completely possible to obtain the work done for a fraction of that expense or at least 10 thousand pounds less costly, yet the quality of the work would still be the same.


When you outsource your accounting and accounting, you can prevent your business’s spending while still getting precise monetary information which you can use to make projections and plans for your business. It will certainly also help you to avoid running into issues with the government, especially with the HMRC.

How To Use SMS For Special Offers

10.10.2014 | 14:03

SMS marketing is becoming increasingly popular as more individuals rely on their cell phones to find information, research products before shopping and staying in touch with the sms phone message concept illustrationbrands they love. If you do not use mobile marketing yet, you should consider developing an SMS marketing campaign.

Quality content is the key to a successful mobile marketing campaign. People will not subscribe to your SMS campaign or will not read the messages you send if you do not share quality content. Using SMS to share special offers is an excellent strategy since the content you share will help people save money on products they are interested in.

Generate an interest for your SMS marketing campaign. You should mention this new campaign on the other platforms you use for marketing purposes. Present this new campaign as valuable by giving some examples of the text messages you will be sending. You could also give people an incentive to subscribe to this campaign, for instance by giving them a small discount on their next purchase.

Sending an SMS to let people know you are lowering the price of an item is not enough. You need to add a call to action. Encouraging recipients to perform an action increases your chances of generating a sale. If you only require recipients to read the messages you send them, they will probably forget about the promotional offer within a few minutes.

Asking recipients to visit a link or perform another action to find out more about the special offer is a great way to engage your audience. A recipient will be much more likely to purchase the product you are promoting if you can convince them to perform an action right away.

Promoting time sensitive promotional offers is another good way to generate more sales. Your offer will be considered as more valuable if it is available for a limited time period.

Recipients will be more likely to perform an action if they get the impression that this will be their only chance to benefit from the offer you are promoting.

Keep in mind that an SMS marketing campaign can quickly become intrusive. Your recipients will receive a notification and probably check their phones right away whenever you send them a message. You should limit yourself to one SMS a week. Sending messages more frequently could be seen as intrusive and cause you to lose a lot of subscribers.

All your messages should include a link recipients can use to unsubscribe from your campaign. You should also collect the phone number of your recipients and get the authorization to send them messages. It is best to provide subscribers with details on how often you will send them messages and what kind of content you will share with them. You should also avoid sending images via SMS since some of your recipients might have to pay additional charges.

Find a way to measure the efficiency of your SMS marketing campaign. If possible, invest in SMS marketing software so you can easily send messages to a large group of recipients and keep track of how many people opened your message. You can also measure the impact of your campaign by encouraging recipients to follow links to learn more about a special offer.

Keep track of how many visitors this link receives to get an idea of how many recipients pay attention to your messages.

You will probably have to make a few changes to your SMS marketing campaign to improve your results. Keeping track of your results is the best way to get an idea of which strategies work best with your audience. You might for instance notice that a specific call to action does not yield good results. Some target audiences respond better to time sensitive promotional offers than other groups. You will have to find out which strategies are efficient for the audience you are targeting through a process of trial and error.

Using SMS marketing is an excellent way to stay in touch with your audience, remind them about your brand and even generate sales. Remember that it is important to share quality content with your audience and to encourage recipients to perform an action so they will become engaged with your brand.

How Online Marketing Can Be Used To Promote Your Business

16.9.2014 | 15:34

Marketing and promoting your  company on the internet is  method  less costly than  setting up an ad on TV or a billboard along the  freeway. Indeed, it is! You can advertise for as low as $5 but you can’t do that with a TV or billboard ad.  Consider how many times you  wish to flash your ad on  television – you  undoubtedly need a lot of financial resources to do Online Marketing Diagram Showing Blogs Websites Social Media Andthat. You can even lose your entire bankroll to  spend for the airtime.

However,  despite the fact that it is a lot cheaper to advertise online  as compared to the conventional  marketing  methods, it can still cost you a lot of money if you are not keen and careful with your online advertising  techniques. One wrong keyword  option and you can plunge into a  expensive and  ineffective marketing strategy.

However aside from the generally  less costly  expense of promoting your  company on the internet, there are still  affordable ways to cut cost in online promotion and marketing. Read on to  learn how.

There’s social network  advertising.  Social media networks are taking over the internet  nowadays. Not just for  specific use,  companies  have actually  likewise brought their business to their social networks, hoping to  link to their target market.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Google Plus- it’s  totally free to  register  but, they are  amongst the best and fastest  methods to connect to the right people who need your products and services.

Short article  Advertising – it is  totally free to share  details to online readers  with  interesting and  important  posts, and in return, you can build links to your  internet site  totally free. You  could not be  permitted to do some  marketing talk on your article, but they are good  automobiles to build your  integrity, to let your  knowledge be  understood and to promote your  internet site  with the resource box. With  excellent  posts, you can promote your website cost-effectively and  take advantage of it in the long run. For as long as your  short articles are live online, you can expect it at least bring in traffic to your  website for a long time.

SEO. Search engine optimization. You  could have  become aware of it and seen these letters  commonly  online. That’s  due to the fact that  Search Engine Optimization is an  essential  aspect to be able to launch your  company marketing effectively online. Remember that promoting your  company online is still about making your business  noticeable to your market and  the very best  method to do that is to make your website visible to the top of the search engine rankings. You can do that with  correct  Search Engine Optimization practices.

Without the  best optimization practices, you  may  wind up  exhausting your resources in  pricey advertising  techniques.

Have a quality,  internet  material. The ‘meat’ of your website is your  material as it tells all about your  company and  exactly what you do and  exactly what you offer. It is also tells the search engines that you do have a  important website that they  have to pick up and index  hence, invest in  superior,  online search engine optimized  internet content. Even if you have the highest traffic  being available in to your  website, you  might  discover it  difficult to  transform this into sales if you have  bad web content. This is one big challenge in marketing and promoting your  company on the internet as well.

Select an easy to use website.  Benefit is a  significant  choosing factor for  lots of people  presentlies, and in the online world,  many people, if not all,  like the instant, one-click-show-all  functions,  hence  purpose to  offer your target audience a website that loads  fast and something that is  skillfully  created, appealing to the eye and easy to navigate and  check out.

Social network,  post marketing and  seo can be your keys to promoting your  company online  however they can be  lengthy. That’s a fact. You can  compose your  internet content  however you  undoubtedly  cannot  commit your time  composing  brand-new and fresh quality web  material  routinely.

Post marketing is not a one-shot deal. You also  need to send out  brand-new  short articles  every so often.  Social network  requires  upgrading and needs to be  current and with  routine activity or else, you  will not get a  great following.

One  option to cut  expenses and save time in doing these  jobs is to outsource. It has  been among the most  useful and  best things you can do when it comes to having these  jobs done regularly and up-to-date. With people  looking after these things for you, you can set your time  concentrating on the  objectives of your  company and refining and redefining your  company strategies.

However one thing to keep in mind: Outsource to the right people! This  will certainly  assist you  prevent  squandering valuable time and resources and will help you in a  methodical  means of promoting your  company on the internet.

What Is the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 (CDDA)?

26.8.2014 | 11:40

The Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 allows the court to make a disqualification order where appropriate. As well as directors themselves, shadow directors and anyone carrying out directorship functions can also be disqualified under the act.


A disqualification order made under the CDDA prevents an individual from:


– Acting as a company director.

– Forming, promoting or managing a company, directly or indirectly.

– Acting as a company administrator or liquidator.

– Managing or receiving company property.


There are several sections of the Company Director Disqualification Act 1986 under which an order for disqualification can be made. Disqualification can be made for a specific period of between 2 and 15 years. This will be specified on the order.

What is the difference between a Disqualification Order and a Disqualification Undertaking?


Disqualification Undertakings were brought into effect in 2001. These are issued by the Secretary of State and are effectively the administrative equivalent to the Disqualification Order. The matter does not need to be referred to the courts but can be carried out entirely through the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.




When a company goes under, the Official Receiver (OR) is obligated to submit a report to the Secretary of State, detailing the conduct of all directors involved in company proceedings for the previous three years. It is then the Secretary of State’s responsibility to make a decision as to whether there are grounds, based on public interest, to seek an order for disqualification through the civil courts.


Inappropriate conduct that could potentially warrant a disqualification under the CDDA could include:


– Continuing to trade despite insolvency and to creditors’ detriment.

– Keeping improper accounts.

– Failing to prepare or submit returns to Companies House.

– Failing to submit a tax return or to pay monies due, including Crown tax.

– Failing to work in co-operation with the Official Receiver (OR).


Notification of a Directors Disqualification Order Application


If there is to be a directors disqualification order made, notification will be directed to the most recent address provided to Companies House. Unless explicitly ordered by the court following the winding-up order, administrative receivership, administration or voluntary liquidation, there is a two-year time limit for a disqualification application.


After an Application for Disqualification Has Been Made


If there is to be an application for disqualification, the Official Receiver or the Secretary of State will compile and submit a report to the court, detailing the directors and their conduct.


The directors themselves will be given the chance to provide an explanation for their actions via a statement of truth (sworn on oath, typically in front of a solicitor). There may be additional statements from creditors, accountants or bankers. Using all of this information, the courts will make a decision as to whether conduct made the directors unfit and, if a disqualification is to be issued, for how long.


What purpose does the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 serve?


It is important to preserve the integrity of the business environment, and the CDDA goes some way towards achieving this objective.


Directors of limited companies are obligated to carry out their duties responsibly, keeping in mind the interests of creditors, employees and other company stakeholders at all times, and exercising proper care and skill to ensure these interests are upheld.


Most directors take their roles seriously and do not abuse their limited liability position by neglecting to adhere to these obligations. For those who don’t, the CDDA is in place.


When can a Disqualification Order be made by the Courts?


There are a number of examples, including:


– Where offences have been committed under Companies Act Legislation.

– Trading while insolvent, unfit conduct or other wrongful trading.

– Omitting to file reports required under Companies Act Legislation.


Since the act came into force in 1986, almost 10,000 disqualification orders have been issued.


How Proceedings for Disqualification Start


Where unfit conduct, such as failure to pay taxes, file reports or keep proper records has been identified, it must be reported to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. The process will then be referred to the civil courts.


Proceedings relating to a company failure are typically referred to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills by the Official Receiver. This is often as part of a compulsory winding-up. Where the Secretary of State does not undertake to accept and issue the disqualification themselves (a disqualification undertaking), the matter will be referred to the courts for a decision.


Disqualification of directors usually runs for a minimum of two years. The maximum term stands at 15 years. The length of the term will be dependent upon the individual circumstances of each case.


In addition to a disqualification, the disqualified director will often be given an order to pay the expenses and costs of the Official Receiver and/or the Secretary of State in bringing the action to court.


How does a disqualification undertaking or disqualification order affect the individual to whom it has been issued?


The LawUnless expressly given permission by the court, the individual disqualified cannot undertake the following for the entire period of the order:


– Be a company director.

– Receive company property.

– Form a new company or undertake any management or promotion of a company.

– Act as a practitioner for insolvency.


Once the term has passed, the individual issued with the Disqualification Order or Undertaking may once again take up a position of trust as a Company Director or within a Company Partnership.

Starting a Business With Your Spouse Can Be Very Rewarding

29.7.2014 | 13:37

Running your own business can be very satisfying but is also fraught with problems. There is no doubt that being your own boss has many benefits but it also comes with many responsibilities and this is especially so if you plan to run your business with your husband/wife/life partner. You need to be very clear about how the business will be run, who will be responsible for what and what contingency plan you have put in place. Each of you needs to have your own role within the business and be allowed to get on with it, do not, however tempting it might be, interfere with the other person’s job. Never be afraid to ask for help or advice and be prepared to discuss aspects of the business in an unemotional and rational manner. It is also very important that when you go home, you leave work at the door so that you get to spend quality time with your beloved and not just talk shop.


Make sure you and your partner are in alignment on money, vision and business roles, says entrepreneur Allie Sarto.

When people find out that I’ve been running a company with my husband since I was 24, the reactions are always a mix of shock and wonder. “How does that work out?!” they ask us.

I’ll be honest: While it’s been a lot of fun, there have definitely been bumps along the road. We jumped in head first back in 2009 with no clear vision for what we wanted to get out of the company. We were both just along for the ride.

Now, five years in, I think I’m able to offer some advice to others who are thinking about doing something they feel passionately about with someone they feel passionately about. I’d suggest making sure you’re in alignment on these three areas before getting started:

1) How will you pay for expenses—your own and the business’s? This is arguably the most important aspect to be in agreement on from the get-go. Studies have shown a negative correlation between consumer debt and marriage quality; add in the stress of business expenses and a lack of steady household income because you’re both involved in the business, and you’re likely setting yourself up for trouble.

For every tale of an entrepreneur who makes it big after going deep into the hole with credit cards, there are dozens of other stories about entrepreneurs who are still struggling to pay off their plastic many years later.

What worked for us: We built up a six-month emergency fund before we ever left our jobs to start the new business. This absolutely saved us in the early days, since it took more than three months of hard work to earn a single penny for the new business.

Other couples I’ve talked to have had one partner stay in a full-time job while the other partner goes all in during the early days. This diversifies the risk and allows the couple to focus on building the company together without the stress of wondering how the bills will get paid. Once the company is to a point where business is consistent and the couple has been able to establish a safety net of emergency cash, both partners can commit to the business full time.

2) What is your vision for the company? A second point to be in alignment on before starting your business: your visions for your company’s future. How big do you want your company to become, and what types of sacrifices—typically time put into the business—are you willing to make to get there? Click here to continue

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